2020 Schedule of Events

Wed Oct 21, 2020

1:00 PM Max Teplitski, Produce Marketing Associations      Produce Safety in the Time of a Pandemic

2:15 PM Patricia Millner, USDA     Improving Food Safety of Packing House Tomato Wash & Advancing Our Understanding of Fresh-cut Washing Processes and Novel Technologies to Improve Disinfection Efficacy

2:45 PM Norbert Chirase, GTX Technologies     Focus on the Role of Fulvic and Humic Acids in Food Safety and Agriculture

3:30 PM Hope Wilson, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Yavapai County      Retail and Consumer Food Safety Education before and During COVID

Thurs Oct 22, 2020

1:00 PM Juanfra Devillena, Wayne Farms      Food Safety in the Poultry Industry

1:30 PM Kelli Shallal, The HungryHoppy.net      From an Influencer: Filling the Gap in Food Safety Communication

2:10 PM Student Poster Session Q&A

2:40 PM Staff Poster Session Q&A

3:20 PM Award Presentation and Conference Wrap-Up

3:40 PM Food Safety Networking Session Break-out Rooms


2020 Poster Session

View the student and staff poster presentations and abstracts.

Student Poster Awards

  • Student poster presenters competed for cash awards totaling $1,650 including:
    • 1st place $600, 2nd place $450, 3rd place $350.
    • Attendees voted for the Dr. Dan Engeljohn Crowd Favorite Award which includes a $150 award.
    • New this year:  Yuma Center for Excellence in Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) has sponsored a $100 award.


Student Poster Entries

Jacob Robishaw-Denton  1st Place & Dr. Dan Engeljohn Crowd Favorite Award

Title: Comparative Genomics of Sympatric Campylobacter jejuni Strains Reveals Little Evidence that Strains are Exchanged between Passerine Birds and Mammals in the Salinas Valley of California
Authors: Jacob K. Robinshaw-Denton, Craig T. Parker, Evanglos Mourkas, Ben Pascoe, Samuel K. Sheppard, Steven Huynh, William G. Miller and Kerry K. Cooper


Poster Presentation Video

Stephanie Arellano  2nd Place & YCEDA Award

Title: The efficacy of plant-based microemulsions against Salmonella Newport and Lactobacillus casei on Iceberg lettuce during 28-day storage at 4oC
Authors: Stephanie Arellano, Bibiana Law and Sadhana Ravishankar


Poster Presentation Video

Jocelyn Rossete  3rd Place

Title: Microbial Quality During Storage, Prevalence of Foodborne Pathogens and Salmonella Colonization Based on Variances in Netting Densities of Melons Grown in Different Regions of the United States
Authors: Aishwarya Pradeep Rao, Richard Park, Jocelyn Rossete, Martin Porchas, Bhimu Patil, Paul Brierley and Sadhana Ravishankar


Poster Presentation Video


Staff Poster Presenters

Victoria Obergh

Title: Evolution and survivability of foodborne pathogens in agricultural environments
Authors: Victoria Obergh and Kerry Cooper


Poster Presentation Video

Vimarys Oliveras

Title: Efficacy of Ozone Against Salmonella Newport in Recycled and Non-recycled Spinach Wash Water
Authors: Vimarys Oliveras, Richard Park and Sadhana Ravishankar


Poster Presentation Video

Richard Park

Title: Understanding the Cross-Contamination of Melons via Environmental Matrices Under Field Conditions and Prevalence of Foodborne Pathogens
Authors: Richard Park, David Rowlands, Martin Porchas, Paul Brierley, Bhimanagouda Patil and Sadhana Ravishankar


Poster Presentation Video

Libin Zhu

Title: Plant-Based Antimicrobials Inactivate Salmonella enterica and Listeria monocytogenes on Melon Rinds
Authors: Libin Zhu, Qi Wei, Paul Brierley, Martin Porchas, Bhimu Patil and Sadhana Ravishankar


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Poster Session Contact: Margarethe Cooper cooperma@email.arizona.edu


2020 sponsors

Networking Sessions

On Day 2 of the conference (Thurs. Oct 22) attendees will join smaller networking rooms to meet other attendees and engage in discussions around current issues in food safety.  Rooms will be moderated by food safety researchers, professors, industry professionals, and food safety experts.  Room links will be provided directly to attendees prior to leaving the main conference as well as through email and logging in to the Eventbrite virtual event page.

Moderator   Topic
Jeremy Vanderzyl Duncan Family Farms Risk assessment and food safety at the farm level for fresh produce
Vicki Scott Yuma Fresh Produce Council Food safety culture
Kerry Cooper The University of Arizona Significance of microbiome studies in food safety
Vijay Juneja USDA Predictive Microbiology in Food Safety
Pat Sparks The University of Arizona Significance of food safety in new product development
Hope Wilson The University of Arizona Impact of pandemic on small food businesses & restaurants
Kristen Pogreba-Brown The University of Arizona Challenges in foodborne outbreak investigations during the pandemic
Jerry Lopez The University of Arizona Cyclospora in irrigation water & related foodborne outbreaks
Kelly Bright The University of Arizona Irrigation water safety & quality: role in produce outbreaks
Dan Engeljohn The University of Arizona Food safety regulations
Sadhana  Ravishankar The University of Arizona Role of natural sanitizers in food safety/General Discussion